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Jet Mix Color has been producing ink mixers for over 10 years. We are distinguished from the competition by the highest quality of our devices, simplicity of their operation, quick and efficient service, experience, but above all the optimal selection of solutions to meet the needs of our clients and innovative solutions.


We provide a full warranty and post-warranty service of the device, including the possibility of buying new parts to allow the uninterrupted operation of our devices.


Simple design, easy operation, full automation and the speed at which our devices mix translate into saving our customers time and money.


Jetmixer Max

Gyroscopic mixer


Gyroscopic mixer


Orbital mixer

Tasman Mini

Orbital mixer

Mieszalnik orbitalny Tasman Mini

Tasman Mini Flexo

Orbital mixer


Shaker mixer


Underpressure can closing device

Wyciskarka do farb

Press Out

Paint squeezer


Plastic adapter for bigger containers for gyroscopic mixer Jetmixer 3 mixing heads

Plastic Adapter

Plastic adapter for bigger containers for gyroscopic mixer Jetmixer 3 mixing heads

Metal adapter for plastic containers to our company mixers

Metal Adapter

Adapter for plastic/custom containers for our all mixers

Height increase for Jetmixer

Jetmixer Stand

Height increase for Jetmixer device

Can closing device for different types of cartridges

Cartridge Closing Machine

Plastic cartridge closing machine

Company history

  • Logo firmy colormix

    Year 1994

    Establishing company

    Production of metal elements.

  • Shaker mixer Speedy

    Year 2009 / 2010


    Designing our first mixer: MF Speedy shakers.

  • Gyroscopic mixer Jetmixer 3 / 2 mixing heads

    Year 2010 / 2011

    Jetmixer 3 / 2 headed

    Our first gyroscopic mixer: MFD Jetmixer in version with 3 mixing heads constructed in 2011. A year later another version joins the offer, this time with 2 mixing heads.

  • Orbital mixer Tasman Mini

    Year 2013

    Tasman Mini

    For the needs of mixing small amounts of paint in containers up to 3 kg, our first orbital mixer Tasman Mini is created.

  • Underpressure can closing device Vacum

    Year 2015


    Due to the huge interest in the device for closing metal cans for mixing paints, we construct our reliable Vacum vacuum closing machine.

  • Gyroscopic mixer Jetmixer Plus

    Year 2017

    Jetmixer Plus

    Adding to the offer the Jetmixer Plus device - version 2 head gyroscopic mixer in which solutions enabling mixing of even larger containers were used.

  • Orbital mixer Tasman

    Year 2018

    Jetmixer Max / Tasman

    The next year is the launch of two new devices. Jetmixer Max gyroscopic mixer capable of mixing up to 25kg containers. And also the Tasman orbital mixer, i.e. the enlarged version of the Tasman Mini for larger containers.

  • Wyciskarka do mieszanych farb Press Out

    Year 2021

    Press Out

    Year 2021 is the launch of another device on the market: the Press Out mixed paint squeezer.

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